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alberi di Natale decorativo in acciaio christmas trees
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Russian Penthouse

A few steps from the Kremlin, the penthouse of a Russian oligarch. Essential requirements: security, privacy and design.



The penthouse of a Russian oligarch, located just steps away from the heart of power in the Kremlin, represents an extraordinary example of luxury, innovation, and advanced technology. This elite residence has been designed with non-negotiable requirements including security, privacy, and unparalleled design.

Built upon these foundations, the project has given rise to a series of revolutionary architectural and technological solutions. The fixtures, custom-designed, are the cornerstone of the residence's security. Constructed with high-strength materials and equipped with advanced technologies, these fixtures are designed to withstand even the most extreme situations. Their impact resistance is incredible, with the ability to withstand bullets fired from powerful weapons such as the AK-47, with an impact of up to 1500J.

Each window has been engineered to withstand such situations, with glass weighing an average of 800 kg and a sophisticated shading system with laminated LCD crystals. This system allows instant darkening of the environment with a simple touch, eliminating the need for curtains or other external devices.

The assembly and installation of the fixtures and windows were tasks of great complexity, especially considering the elevated position of the residence, situated at a height of 70 meters. To ensure safety during these phases, an unconventional and highly specialized mounting system was required. Only through the use of cutting-edge machinery and the expertise of professionals was it possible to successfully complete this part of the project.

To make the entire building even more secure, ballistic steel coatings were adopted, making the entire building envelope virtually impenetrable. These coatings not only provide additional protection but also add a touch of modernity and sophistication to the overall aesthetics of the structure.

In addition to the technical features, the interior of the penthouse has been carefully designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable environment. Spaces have been conceived to ensure maximum comfort, with custom furnishings and high-quality details. Every element of the decor has been carefully selected to create an atmosphere of exclusivity and refinement.

This project is not just a residence but an architectural masterpiece that combines technology, security, and design. The shared project renders and images showcase the beauty and grandeur of this extraordinary residence. Every detail has been meticulously cared for to ensure the owner a unique and secure environment, where they can live and entertain with unmatched style and comfort.

The panoramic view from the penthouse offers a breathtaking spectacle, with the Kremlin towering majestically on the horizon and Moscow's main monuments silhouetted against the sky. The expansive open spaces and terraces offer guests the opportunity to fully enjoy this unique view while relaxing in total privacy and comfort.

Technology has been integrated into every aspect of the residence to offer a cutting-edge living experience. Home automation systems control lighting, temperature, and even security, allowing the owner to manage their home with ease and security from anywhere in the world.

Common spaces, such as the lounge and dining area, have been designed to host large gatherings and receptions, with large windows allowing natural light to flow inside, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Security is an absolute priority in this prestigious residence. In addition to the fixtures and ballistic steel coatings, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and a sophisticated alarm system have been installed to ensure maximum protection 24 hours a day.

In conclusion, the penthouse of this Russian oligarch represents the epitome of luxury and advanced technology. Every detail has been meticulously cared for to offer the owner a secure, comfortable, and extraordinarily luxurious environment.


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Date: October 2018
Place: Moscow