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Eindhoven Circus

The Eindhoven Circus project represents a work that combines the magic of the circus with modern engineering, creating an imposing and fascinating structure that captures the imagination of anyone who encounters it.

This extraordinary project, born from the collaboration with a demanding client, brought our signature to Eindhoven, making the Circus one of the most spectacular attractions of the Dutch amusement park. Its imposing presence, with a tensile structure spanning 12 meters high and 20 meters in diameter, covering an area of ​​approximately 300 square metres, makes it a visual focal point and an icon of entertainment and art. 

The design of the Eindhoven Circus was inspired by the enchanted world of the circus, with sinuous lines and bright colors that evoke the festive and joyful atmosphere of the circus show. The decorative elements and eccentric shapes give the structure a unique and iconic character, transforming the amusement park into a place of magic and wonder.

 During the design and construction process of the Eindhoven Circus, particular attention was paid to the safety and durability of the structure. High quality materials and advanced construction techniques were used to ensure the solidity of the roof, capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and providing a safe and secure environment for park activities. Each phase, from concept to construction, was approached with great care to ensure that the final result lived up to customer expectations and safety regulations.

 First, an in-depth design phase was conducted, during which the customer's requirements were defined and the first drafts of the project were developed. The engineers and architects collaborated to develop a design that was both aesthetically appealing and functional, taking into account the structure's dimensions, load resistance and environmental conditions.

 Once the preliminary design was approved, the construction phase began. The structure was built using high quality materials, with particular attention to the strength and durability of the steel used for the tensile structure. Each component has been precisely manufactured in the factory, then assembled and pre-assembled before installation on site.

 Before proceeding with the installation, the structure underwent rigorous testing to ensure that it was safe and stable. The engineers verified the tensile strength of the roof and performed simulations to evaluate the behavior of the structure under different climatic conditions.

 In addition to its practical function of protecting the park's attractions, the Eindhoven Circus adds an element of spectacle and entertainment. During the day, light filters through the roof, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere, while at night, artificial lights illuminate the structure, transforming it into a luminous work of art that captures everyone's attention.

 Its central location in the amusement park makes it the meeting point for visitors of all ages. Children can have fun under the cover playing the available games, while adults can admire the beauty and ingenuity of the design.

 The Eindhoven Circus project is an example of how architecture and art can come together to create an engaging and memorable experience for visitors. Its commanding presence and unique design make it a testament to human ingenuity and the ability to transform a simple amusement park into a place of wonder and enjoyment.

 The Eindhoven Circus could become a model for similar projects in other amusement parks around the world. Its integration of functionality and design could serve as inspiration for other facilities seeking to create a unique and engaging experience for visitors. With its magic and charm, the Eindhoven Circus will continue to be one of the most beloved and iconic attractions.


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Date: January 14, 2019
Country: Eindhoven